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Help restore the 'Old Emery Church' Community Center.

For now, and for the generations after us.

"We must hold tight to the strength and hardships of the people who built this town." -EME


Built in 1898-1900 this is the oldest remaining community building in Emery County.  It is significant due to wood frame construction, sheathed in clapboard, and lined with adobe bricks.  In 1980, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.


When properly restored, the building will once again be used for a Community Center: dances, movies, plays, lectures, concerts, weddings, receptions, local art and other community activities.


We hope for work on the bell tower to take place as weather permits.

More News

Fundraisers will continue. Our Winter Ball on Feb.2, 2019, brought a great deal of interest and much needed matching funding.  

The summer Flip 'n Flings were also a good success, raising funding and heightening the awareness of the project. 

Thanks also to our friends at the Winter Ball and  summer Flip and Fling


The immediate concerns are the foundation and siding of the building.  Test areas will be excavated and evaluated for groundwater infiltration and the stability of the sandstone.  Concrete forms will be constructed and reinforced concrete placed as the perimeter foundation of the building. 

Restoration of the wooden siding and painting of the building is critical.  Some of the siding has slipped out of place and needs repair from woodpecker damage.

Donate - we are a 501c3

We are an all volunteer organization and all donations go directly to help restore this unique building.  

You can donate through various means until we have it set up through this website.  


You can send a check to P.O. Box 101, Emery Town Heritage Council, or drop off a donation at Randy's Service, buy a mug at Randy's Service, or contact any member of the Emery Town Heritage Council.

The ETHC was approved by the state of Utah in January 2018 and by the IRS in July 2018. 

Get Involved

Anyone who is interested can make a contribution of their time, their ideas, in-kind and monetary donations.  Many people have connections to this building and want to help with its renovation.


Donations have come from townspeople and businesses and have made a huge difference already.  Funds are being used to match a grant from the Utah Division of State History to work on parts of the building's restoration and hire a structural  engineer and preservation architect.

Thanks to our Supporters and Friends

  • Rep. Carl Albrecht

  • Sen. David Hinkins

  • Comm. Lynn Sitterud

  • Mayor Gary Petty

  • Council Member ShaLane Christiansen

  • C.M. Brendon Jones

  • Community Impact Board

  • Utah Division of State History

  • Emery Town

  • Lynne'Lake

  • Randy's Service

  • Barney Trucking

  • Live Earth Products

  • United Minerals

  • Mayor Danny VanWagoner

  • Marie and Cy Eardley

  • Belle Anderson

  • Doris and Don Mangum

  • Randy and Sheila Anderson

  • Carrie Lou Grimel

  • Luella Anderson

  • Bob and Barbara Filipsic

  • Gwen Johnson

  • XMission Web hosting

  • Sunrise Engineering

  • Craig Anderson

  • Dean Allen Contracting

  • Jones and  DeMille Engineers

  • Salt lake Scandi Dance

  • National Archives

  • Preservation Utah

  • Breinholt's Southeast Paint and Design

  • CJ Custom Care Tree Service

  • Peczuh Printing

  • Lucinda Kindred Consulting

  • Gale Anderson


Latest Project: Updating the electrical service entrance.  It is out of code and will be updated under a matching grant from Utah Division of State History and the Department of the Interior, National Park Service.


Look up close in this photo to see the peeling paint on the siding of the building.  

It is planned that the new paint will be restored to the original cream-like color.  


Welcome sign at the town entrance