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The ETHC was formed in January 2018.  Town Council person, ShaLane Christiansen, as head of the Town's Historical Committee, gathered interested parties to form a non-profit that could raise money and spearhead the restoration work.  Other members of the Historical Committee are Laurel Killpack, Tara Payne, Caroline Gardner, Amy Sundstrom, Lisa Mangum.  Anyone may join the ETHC, see below for the link.  

Mary Ann Wright, Chair

Even though I grew up in a modern suburban ranch house, old buildings really speak to me.  We formed the Emery Town Heritage Council along with the Emery Town Historical Committee to move restoration forward.  

Kathy Tokle Anderson, ETHC Secretary

Kathy raised her two daughters in Emery and enjoys old buildings.  She would like to see the Old Church Community center become alive again with a visitor center and small bookstore.  

Mayor Amy Sundstrom

Amy thrives in the environs of Emery and the 'Old Church" is the strongest symbol of Emery to her.  She and her husband worked on stabilizing its tower and made sure the church was embedded in the Town entry signs.  

Dave Mangum
At Large member

Dave is a native of Emery and would like to bring his energy and talents to the restoration of the building.  He has enjoyed many memorable times at the old pioneer church.  

Join Us!  
Mistie Christiansen, Vice Chair & Former Mayor of Emery
Glenys Sitterud, ETHC Treasurer, 

I am a native of Emery, I was born here and have lived my whole life here.  I remember rolling skating in this building as a child.  I also recall the great Deer Hunter Balls held in the 'old church'.  My oldest daughter had her wedding reception in this building as well.  I am a former town council person and am dedicated to restoring and using - once again - this important symbol of Emery Town.

Etta Marie Eardley

Marie attended her first Senior Citizen lunch in the 'little old church'  She recalls helping in the kitchen with clean up and walking around looking at the windows.  She wondered how many ladies had done this same thing through all the many years. 

ShaLane Christiansen, Emery Town Representative

ShaLane is a formenr Town Council Member and sees the 'Old Church" every day.  She has worked tirelessly to keep Emery's heritage in the forefront of the townspeople.  

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