Our Projects are: 

From restoring the bell tower, to painting the outside, to xeriscaping the area around the building.

We are engaging the services of a structural engineer and a preservation architect to guide us through the process. 


Below are some of the items that need attention.

Project 1. Stabilizing the foundation

 From 1956 to 2001 the building was used as the town community center.  The northwest corner of the building was destabilized by groundwater infiltration in some heavy rains, and emergency repairs were made to the building and foundation in 2001.  

A review of the sandstone foundation and consideration of pouring a new foundation in sections has been completed.  

Project 2. Painting

Restoration of the wooden siding and painting of the building is critical.  Some of the siding has slipped out of place and also needs repair from woodpecker damage.

A Preservation Architect will monitor and review the activities to stay in compliance with requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act since the building is over 50 years old.

Project 3. Windows, insulation and interior

Of the 12 windows, about 6 are still in good shape.  Current insulation is non-load bearing adobe brick, likely sun-dried by the early residents of the town.  While much of the brick remains, further insulation is needed.  The beautiful wood flooring needs straightening and refinishing, as does the lower siding.  Period lighting, new drapes, and interior walls also need attention.

Project 4. Heating, plumbing, exterior

The building​ once had a coal fired stove and was replaced with a propane furnace.  Heating and cooling systems need to be restored.  The outside area needs some grading to form a berm to keep runoff from the foundation on the North side.  Some part of the yard could be prepared to hold period farming equipment and other parts could be xeriscaped to save lawn watering costs.   

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